Faith-based Advocacy and Diplomacy Fellowship Expectations

As a way to develop the Fellow’s skills, while working at the UN, he or she will be expected to:

  1. Actively participate on UN NGO Committees
  2. Attend meetings and side events pertaining to his or her focus area at the UN
  3. Assist in formulating oral and written GOAC statements and interventions
  4. Help plan and host side events during ECOSOC Functional Commissions
  5. Build professional partnerships for the GOAC

In an effort to translate their work at the UN to the Orthodox faithful, the Fellows will be expected to also:

  1. Contribute a monthly article to the official Department blog, “Faith Matters”
  2. Assist in drafting official GOA communications on issues related to his or her focus area
  3. Give a presentation on his or her issue at the local Archdiocesan district level
  4. Organize and participate in a panel discussion at a future Biennial National Clergy Laity Congress