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Oral Intervention by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan Council

14 May 1987

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan Council has always been aware that the condition in which people live determines their health, well-being and ability to engage in gainful employment.  Shelter as a component of social and economic development echoes that of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which affirms the right of all “to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and his family including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services.”

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan Council has an extensive program of feeding and providing shelter of those in need in urban communities.  In addition, its youth have currently organized a program called HOPE IN ACTION  (Helping Other People everywhere) which assists those in developing countries.  Under this program, Dr. George Christakis was commissioned by His Eminence, Archbishop Iakovos to make an extensive study of the health and nutritional status of the Greek Orthodox in Ghana, Ethiopia and Kenya.  This report is available at the Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan Headquarters to all interested governments.

As a result, the current Kenya Project came into being, a pilot program which will send a twenty-five member team of young adults to Laipipia, Kenya to serve as construction and medial teams.  The construction team will help build housing and construct water wells.  The medical team, composed of 2 doctors, 2 nurses, a dentist and 5 medical students will set-up clinics in the area.  

Already 8 water wells have been constructed in several villages outside of Nairobi, Kenya.